Hand`in`Hand Event

Hand-In-Hand Event
March 25th, 1pm-4pm
Skutt Ballroom

Want to spend a day sharing life with members from the Omaha community? Need some volunteer hours? This is a one day commitment which is also easy to get more involved next year if it is something you’re interested in!  Sign up to be a partner for this year’s Hand in Hand event!

Hand-In-Hand is an annual event held at Creighton University where adults with disabilities from the Omaha area are invited to come and spend the afternoon with Creighton students and enjoy a variety of activities. This is an annual event that is not a major time commitment, and once you participate you’ll realize what a fun afternoon it is, you will want to come back next year!

However, Hand-In-Hand cannot be accomplished alone. We are in need of 100-125 CU students to serve as Partners: Two-to-one or one-to-one companions for the Guests who will join us for Hand in Hand. It’s an exciting opportunity to give of yourself personally and touch someone’s life. Share an afternoon with guests as they get to enjoy games, crafts, bingo, food, and even some karaoke!

The deadline to sign up online is March 1st!
For more information and those wanting to take part in the event, sign up to be a partner to one of our guests:

Feel free to email Anna Lewandowski at AnnaLewandowski@creighton.edu with any questions.


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