Skutt Scavenger Hunt

Join Skutt for a campus-wide scavenger hunt!!

Each week, challenges will be sent out via Facebook and Twitter and the teams will have until the following week to complete the challenge. Students will compete in teams of four.

Every other week, the team whose pictures receive the most “Likes” on Facebook will win a prize basket.  There will also be bonus points available for attending specific events and posting a photo of your team at the event.

There will be prizes handed out throughout the semester, based on teams’ performances AND there will be a grand prize at the end of the semester for the team with the most points overall.

Follow @cuskutt on twitter and like our Skutt Student center Facebook page to participate of for more information.

Sign ups run from January 16-27 – The kickoff event will be on January 30 in the Skutt Fireplace.


Sign up in the SAO or
email Include:
1. Team Name (Get Creative!)
2. Captain’s E-mail Address
3. Team Members


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