Checking Out at Semester

Finished up with your last papers, projects, and finals of the semester??Ready to leave for break??

Here are some things you should remember before going…

1. You are NOT permitted to stay over break and should be out by 12pm on Saturday December 17
2. Take out the trash – $25 fine for each bag we have to take out
3. Unplug electronics
4. Unplug/defrost small fridges
5. Throw away food from the large fridges that could spoil
6. Take down your door tags down & all Christmas decorations

If you are graduating, studying abroad, transferring, or moving off campus… 

1. Determine when you will have all of your belongings out of the room
2. Schedule a time to formally check out with your RA
3. Complete the necessary paperwork
4. Turn in your key

Please note…

Staff will be spot checking for violations and will document if necessary – We will not HUNT for things, but we cannot ignore it if it is placed in front of us 🙂


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